Can silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives be resistant to low temperatures?

In the use of silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives, many people do not understand its characteristics. Can silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives be used and stored at low temperatures? Can silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives be resistant to low temperatures?

Pressure-sensitive adhesives are a class of special materials that provide dry tack and maintain the ability to adhere permanently. Silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives are high-quality, high-grade pressure-sensitive materials with molecular main chains containing Si-O-Si bonds that can maintain viscosity at a wide range of temperatures, especially at low temperatures (-65 ° C) and high temperatures. Has good use performance; in addition, it also has very good electrical properties, non-corrosive to metals, non-irritating to the skin. Mainly used as heat-resistant tape, H-class electrical insulation tape, mica tape for refractory wires, low-temperature resistant tape, medical tape, etc. With the development of technology in the human space and other fields, the requirements for the material's resistance to particularly high and low temperatures are becoming increasingly apparent, and in particular, the requirements for the pressure-sensitive adhesive holding under high and low temperature conditions are very high.

However, currently on the market, all-methyl silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives are mainly used, and most of the preparation processes are ring-opening with all-methyl rings to obtain polymethylsiloxane, and then with all-methyl MQ silicone resins. A condensation reaction is performed to obtain such an all-methyl type silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive. According to some known references, Dr. He Min from Northwestern Polytechnical University and other researchers have done a lot of research work on methyl MQ silicone resin and its application in silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives; researcher Guo Jinyan of Heilongjiang Institute of Petroleum Chemistry High- and low-temperature-resistant silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive, but methyl type; Professor Huang Wenrun of China Blue Chenguang Chemical Research Institute introduced a large number of methyl-type silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives in his "organic silicon pressure-sensitive adhesive" technical lecture. However, this all-methyl silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive cannot meet the requirements of low temperature resistance in terms of continuous adhesion.

The change in holding viscosity of the new adhesive is different from the existing all-methyl adhesives. The holding viscosity of all-methyl products decreases more rapidly, while the new adhesive maintains perfection, and the holding time is longer, up to 20 minutes. the above. The molecular chain crystallization will make the adhesive lose its adhesive properties in a certain direction, so destroying the molecular crystal orientation of the molecular chain at low temperature will improve its mechanical properties at low temperature, especially the stickiness under low temperature conditions. It is very important that the new product is very sticky at low temperatures by testing.

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