China first road safety day

In October, the topic of “Chinese-style road crossing” created heated online discussions on the widespread disregard of traffic rules. The buzz word describes Chinese pedestrians’ tendency to form a group to cross roads when the light is red.
Many measures are taken in the road safety .China marked its first national day for road safety on Sunday with exhibitions, lectures and online discussions exhorting pedestrians and drivers to observe traffic signals, with failure to adhere to them blamed as a major cause of deaths on the country’s roads.

China first road safety day
Publicity and educational activities were held across Chinese cities as experts blame a lack of awareness for rampant breaches of traffic rules in the country.
Proposed by the Ministry of Public Security, the day aims to improve people’s awareness of road safety and the related legal system, as well as road courtesy. The timing was based on the date Dec 2 for its appearance as “122,” the telephone number for reporting road accidents in China.

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