Comparison of the silicone market between China and foreign countries

There is a certain gap between the development of the silicone products industry in China and some European and American countries, first of all, the development of the silicone industry in China in the There is a certain gap between Europe and the United States in terms of time, and also a lack of certain technology in terms of R&D experience, so it is not the same as some other countries. There is a certain gap in comparison. In the special adhesive and high-performance adhesive, our products appear a lot of deficiencies.
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  Secondly, now the competition in the silicone products industry also determines the severity of many manufacturers, capital flow difficulties, excessive competition, customer requirements Can not meet, product homogeneity is serious, raw material prices continue to rise, leading to the phenomenon of the closure of many of our domestic manufacturers. In some industrial manufacturing industries and the medical industry most of the use of imported silicone production, while domestic silicone products are mainly used in low-end no Special requirements above the product.
  But in recent decades, China’s silicone products in the annual growth rate of 8%-15%, more than many countries in general economic growth rate, silicone rubber products in our country is more and more widely used in our lives, industrial manufacturing, major industries have, the number and variety of products are also constantly increasing, the use of the field is also constantly expanding, the number of silicone products manufacturers in China is now nearly far beyond the number of foreign countries.

According to statistics, the number of silicone products manufacturers in China has nearly exceeded 1000 manufacturers, so now the domestic silicone manufacturing industry. The silicone products industry is relatively small, and many of the products produced are exported. However, some manufacturers who have stood firm in the industry for a long time for the domestic demand is also developing well. There are many companies to choose from in the country as well.


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