How to choose dustproof silica gel mask?

How to choose dustproof silica gel mask? 

Step1. Select the double mask type. Disposable mask leakage rate is high, it is not suitable for long-term or occupational protection.


Step 2.It should choose Kn100 grade dust removal cotton. Low protection rate can lead to personal injury.

 How to choose dustproof silica gel mask?

Step 3. Choose silicone material, comfortable. Suitable for long time wear, not easy to cause allergic reaction. Hard masks tend to dent the face.


Step 4. Masks vary in size, which is important. Don’t buy a universal mask. It’s easy to leak.


Step 5. There are two types of masks: covering the nose and mouth and covering the chin. Suggest the latter, so more comfortable.


tep 6. It is recommended to choose a smooth silicone dust mask. Some masks are designed with double filter cotton. At the same time, the filter cotton has two sides to make the respirator breathe smoothly.

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