Viewed from a highway ramp, America's plastics waste isn't a pretty sight

On May 15, I got an up-close look at America’s plastics litter problem.I took part in a cleanup project on that date in my town of Wickliffe, Ohio. The event… Read more

Kickstart: Bolhous is in good company in '50 Over 50'

Kathy Bolhous, the CEO of Charter NEX Films Inc., is known in the plastics industry for her leadership of a company that has grown into one of the 20 largest… Read more

Cool For A Summer, Silicone Ice Cube Molds And Ice Ball Mold

Ice makes a difference in the potency and flavor of your favorite cocktail. The best ice cube mold and ice ball mold can also keep punches and party drinks deliciously… Read more

Process flow of aluminum alloy die casting

is a kind of pressure-casting parts. It uses a pressure-casting mechanical machine equipped with a casting mold to pour the heated liquid aluminum or aluminum alloy into the inlet of… Read more

Kickstart: 'An environmental disaster' of plastic pellets in Sri Lanka

The beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka are a little more white and a lot less beautiful after a cargo ship carrying 76 metric tons of Plastic pellets caught fire, spilling… Read more

Die casting mold production requirements

A mold with a correct and reasonable structure is a prerequisite for the smooth progress of die-casting production and plays an important role in ensuring the quality of castings. Due… Read more

Thermal processing technology of die-casting mold

The has precise processing dimensions to ensure standard maintenance. Some of the most common examples of pressure die casting mainly include the establishment of cylinder blocks, levers, gears, toy components… Read more

Die casting mold maintenance

When determining the injection speed, the maximum speed should not exceed 100m/S. The speed is too high, which promotes the corrosion of the die-casting mold and the increase of deposits… Read more

Pressure resistance of die castings and methods to prevent defects

What is the pressure resistance of the die casting: Most of the defects on die castings appear when grooves are opened in the casting or during machining. The reason is… Read more

Material selection and design requirements for die-casting molds

Matters needing attention when selecting materials for : It is the die-casting materials that affect the service life of die-casting molds. At present, there are a lot of inferior materials… Read more

Methods of preventing defects in die castings

Most of the defects on die castings appear when grooves are opened in the casting or during machining. The reason is that the fine-grained layer structure on the surface of… Read more

Mitsubishi makes first bio-based plastic smartphone screen

Japanese electronics maker Sharp Corp. is commercializing the world’s first bio-based Plastic smartphone front panel screen, using Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.’s bio-based polycarbonate Durabio. Tokyo-based Mitsubishi said in a July 6… Read more

What is Die Casting?

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