The use of silicone tube

    silicone tube is green pollution-free, strict inspection by SGS, ROHS, FDA and eight heavy metal specifications such as silica gel products 100% completely non-toxic, tasteless, fine wire silicone, silicone… Read more

Popular Promotional Gift Fashion Silicone Band Printing Logo Wholesale

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china silicone tube

     Jiajie factory can produce many silicone products, silicone is non-toxic, environmental protection, transparency, strong resilience, capacity compression deformation, UV resistant, flame retardant along with other characteristics.                                           Main goods are… Read more

A Notice About 2020 Chinese Traditional Spring Festival Vacation

Dear Sir and Madam,The Chinese traditional Spring Festival is coming. Wei Shun silicone Technology Co. Ltd will have a vacation from Juanuary 15 to February 2th. If you have any business you… Read more

silicone used for product

    Due to their molecular structure,silicone can be manufactured in over 2000 different forms, including solids,liquids,semi-viscous pastes,greases,oils and rubber.the versatility allows for widespread use and as a result silicone are… Read more

Silicone Cake Pops Pans, A Very Useful Kitchen Baking Tool For Beginner

How to make perfectly round cake pops in a short time? For beginners, a cake pops baking pan will be useful.In most countries, cakes, pastries and desserts are one of… Read more

silicone resin formulations

    The high levels of adhesion and weather resistance found in silicone resins make them a perfect exterior very good resistance to ultra-violet light degradation and is a standard binder… Read more

Compare With Glass Ashtray, What’s The Advantages Of Silicone Ashtray?

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What Is The Most Popular Fidget Toys Pop It

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the advantage of silicone

     The current global economic conditions and rising food prices have spurred many consumers to spend more time in their own kitchens where silicon-based materials are helping make home-cooking easier,… Read more

What Kind Of Silicone Products Wei Shun Silicone Products Manufacturer Can Provide?

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Potassium methylsiliconate H-102k

CAS:31795-24-1 DESCRIPTION H-102K Excellent water resistant, reduce water absorption into the substrate, thus reducing spalling due to freeze-thaw and efflorescence, thereby increasing the life of the materials. Colorless and non-yellowing protection,… Read more

The performance and use of infusion silicone tubing

  The infusion silicone tube is made of imported silicone raw material and platinum catalytic system, advanced mechanical extrusion manufacturing. The production process is fast curing speed, the resulting medical… Read more