Potassium methylsiliconate H-102k

CAS:31795-24-1 DESCRIPTION H-102K Excellent water resistant, reduce water absorption into the substrate, thus reducing spalling due to freeze-thaw and efflorescence, thereby increasing the life of the materials. Colorless and non-yellowing protection,… Read more

The performance and use of infusion silicone tubing

  The infusion silicone tube is made of imported silicone raw material and platinum catalytic system, advanced mechanical extrusion manufacturing. The production process is fast curing speed, the resulting medical… Read more

Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bag, A Amazon Hot Products You May Like

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What Is The Function Of Silicone Stacking Blocks

Creative game: silicone stacking blocks have 8 different colors and sizes. Many creative games for children to choose from, built into tunnels, arches, bridges and mazes. Early educational toys: the… Read more

silicone resin

     silicone are most commonly associated with the ubiquitous silicone fluid and rubber products widely used as sealants and release agents.silicone resins are,however,probably one of the most useful of the… Read more

Silicone Mobile Phone Case Protects Your Phone Well

In order to satisfy customer's need of protecting their mobbile phone, varous types and styles mobbile phone cases are produced by factory. This case is a product fits securely, typically covering the… Read more

The advantages of medical silicone tubings

With the food safety and medical treatment being taken more seriously by every countries, the limitations of silicone products are limited more and more, especially medical silicone tubing. This tubes… Read more

silicones enhance sustainable developent

      silicone can play a valuable role in promoting sustainable development because they enhance product performance and maximize resources. In everything from automobiles to agriculture, silicones lend their useful characteristics… Read more

The important role silicone bottle nipple play for the infants!

With the standard of living enhancing, people take diet healthy seriously more and more, the new born baby is protected more seriously by parents. The infants must be touch with… Read more

Application And Characteristics Of O-ring

O-ring, is a type of ring with a round cross-section. It usually made of rubber, and rubbers commonly used to make O-rings are the following: fluorine rubber, silicone, Ding Qing,… Read more

Do you know silicone

     the chemical backbone of silicones is formed by the elements silicon and oxygen.silicones can take many froms-from liquids to solids-that allow engineers,scientists,inventors and indust companies to use them as a… Read more

Muti Use Silicone Material Molds Custom

Are you searching for silicone material products?Spend few minutes to take a look at here please.Wei Shun, a silicone material products manufacturer who can offer custom service prepare several silicone… Read more

Silicone sponge sheet–the protect expert for heat press machine

silicone sponge sheet is a very important part for the heat press machine. Heat press machine is often applied to clothes industry, especially large factory, the heat press machine keep… Read more