The functions and features of wooden door silicone sealing strip

In the woking process of wooden door, door stop making T grooves, and combined with the seals strip, make the door has the excellence of the door closed sound insulation function, but also reduce the noise when closing the door, and also enhance the heat preservation and the structure of the door firmly. silicone wooden door sealing strip is directly related to the density of wood. Silicone sealing strip is hidden in the contact part of the door and door leaf .The good quality sealing strip feels more soft, elastic, bright appearance, regular wooden door enterprises will add silicone sealing strip.The physical properties of the silicone seal is particularly advantageous.
The Wooden door silicone sealing strip is completely different from the ordinary strip, it has excellent resistance to compression deformation performance, So the sealing contact surface can do more, extremely effective block activity part of the leak in the window. .
The features of silicone wooden door sealing strip are as following :
1.Heat resistance: wooden door silicone seal strip than ordinary silicone sealing strip has good heat resistance, but almost always cause at 150 degrees and no performance change; In 10000 hours of continuous use below 200 degrees;
2.Cold tolerance: ordinary silica gel seal for later – 20-30 degrees, and the wooden door silicone sealing strip are 60-70 degrees when has good elasticity. Some special formula of silicone can also withstand the low temperature.
3.Insulation: silicone has the very high resistivity, and in a wide temperature and frequency range of the block remain stable, at the same time high voltage corona on silicone point and electrical arc has the very good resistance.
4.Electrical conductivity: with conductive material, silicone has good electrical conductivity.
5.Flame retardant: silicone itself is flammable, but add a small amount of flame retardants, it has a flame retardant and self interest, and because of the silicone cloth khan organic compounds, and thus do not smoke or is released by burning gas.


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