The important role silicone bottle nipple play for the infants!

With the standard of living enhancing, people take diet healthy seriously more and more, the new born baby is protected more seriously by parents. The infants must be touch with feeding-bottle when they born, so, how to select feeding-bottle is a important thing.


High quality of feeding bottle can protect the infant from illness, silicone bottle nipple and soft silicone hose are the important parts of the bottle, their quality can contribute directly to infant healthy, so, as a mother, you should take care it seriously, the soft, very smooth surface and high non-toxic nipple is your best choice.


Our company can supply many of this sort of food grade silicone products, such as food grade silicone tubing, food grade silicone sealing ring and so on… They have the common characteristics of high non-toxic and high temperature resistant. Welcome to visit.

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