What are the factors that affect the aging of silicone tube?

silicone tube is a good comprehensive performance rubber . The features of silicone tube are  electrical insulation property , ageing resistance, chemical stability and radiation resistant performance .Silicone tube can use for a long time under -60 ~ 250 centigrade . The work temperature of silicone tube range from -100~ 350 centigrade . But now the anti-aging of silicone tune and life cycle are abate . The factors that affect the aging of silicon tube are as following :
1.The influence of ozone to strengthen
With the increase of ozone , the chemical activity of Ozone is strengthen .the Destructive  is increase made the molecular chain breakage .The effects is big .the main efforts of Ozone make the deformation silicone tube produce ozone crack phenomenon
Oxidation is a aspect of silicone tube aging .In the rubber oxygen with silicon molecular happen aging effect . Molecular chain is breakage and will change the performance of silicone tube . In addition , silicone easy to destroyed in moist ,get wet in the rain and Soak in water .Especially in the water soak and atmospheric exposure will accelerate the aging of silicone tube
We should used the silicone tube according to the reasonable method and can slow down the ageing of the silicone tube .


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