​Types of silicone sealed coils

Types of silicone sealed coils

Broadly speaking, the silicone sealing coil is a matching part of the wiring equipment, also called a sealing sleeve or a sealing ring. Although the silicone seal coil is an important part, it plays an important role as a small supporting part. It is very small, with countless species in production and life. The types of silicone sealed coils are primarily classified according to materials and appearance.

Silicone sealed coils are classified according to raw materials:

  • 1. PVC coiled material PVC coiled material is mainly made of elastic PVC material. The sealing line sleeve of the product is injection-molded, and the end surface has an obvious interface, which has a certain influence on the appearance of the product. PVC rolls are more suitable for low-end products due to their low price and poor quality. The product is no longer available because it cannot meet work needs.
  • 2. For the sake of clarity, the silicone seal coil is made of silica gel through high temperature vulcanization. Because of its unique physical function, the silicone material determines the excellent function of the silicone seal coil product, whether it is from the appearance or the physical function of the product, and is the best choice for the production of silicone seal coil products. There are many kinds of silicone materials used in the production of silicone maintenance coils. Now commonly used are natural rubber, nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber and silicone rubber. Customers can customize silicone sealed coils of different rubber materials according to their own product requirements to meet the requirements of the operating environment.

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