​How to buy silicone tableware

​How to buy silicone tableware

In our daily life, silicone tableware is a kind of silicone products that we are more familiar with. Nowadays, more and more people use silicone tableware, and more and more… Read more
​Types of silicone sealed coils

​Types of silicone sealed coils

Types of silicone sealed coils Broadly speaking, the silicone sealing coil is a matching part of the wiring equipment, also called a sealing sleeve or a sealing ring. Although the… Read more
​How is the silicone sealing strip made

​How is the silicone sealing strip made?

silicone sealing strip is a sealing element with a circular cross-section. It is widely used in various machinery and equipment, and plays a sealing role in certain temperature, pressure and… Read more
9 standards for silicone seals

9 standards for silicone seals

At present, many natural rubber seals are gradually being replaced by silicone seals. Therefore, the requirements for use of silicone sealing products are constantly improving. For silicone product manufacturers, purchasers… Read more
Requirements of silicone factory for silicone accessories

Requirements of silicone factory for silicone accessories

Nowadays, some rubber parts are used in various industries. silicone rubber parts have better performance than ordinary rubber materials. Many of our common seals, cushions, and shock absorbers are replaced… Read more
​Factors and solutions affecting silicone sealing products

​Factors and solutions affecting silicone sealing products

The silicone sealing ring in silicone sealing products, long-term sticking and metal pressing and extrusion, after frequent stress, the silicone sealing ring does not rebound or loses force. Some sealing… Read more
The Classification And Function Of Liquid Glue

The Classification And Function Of Liquid Glue

What we usually call silica gel has two physical states, one is a flowing liquid; the other is a solid. Non-solid silica gel that can flow like water is called… Read more
Silicone rubber mold making method!

Silicone rubber mold making method!

silicone rubber mold making method! silicone molds are one of the simplest methods in rapid molds. Generally, the 3D printed prototype is re-molded with silica gel, but the life span… Read more

What are the advantages of the new grinding technology over traditional machining?

Although the development of machining centers has improved the ability to operate in large quantities, there are still some products that need to be ground. Compared with conventional machining, grinding… Read more

How to Choose the Wall Thickness

Local thick wall thickness, wrong position of gates and cooling layout would lead to sink marks, trapped air, deformation and burns on the injection parts, the following will analyze some… Read more

procedures for developing a new plastic product

procedures for developing a new Plastic product Below we list a fairly standard sequence of steps that you will probably have to go through in the course of designing and… Read more

Clean the hot-runner system with mixed color material

1.Open gate 1.1 the hot-runner system has processed Plastic material with a certain color. 1.2 cleanup barrel by plastic material with demand color . 1.3 heat each heating zone with… Read more

Blow molding&Rotomolding

Blow molding Blow molding economically produces hollow items including bottles,bins,and light globes. If Blueprint permit, the operation may also generate hollow styles ,including auto air ducts and fuel tanks. Wall… Read more

8 kinds of stand components of the plastic mold

.Cavity The injection mould is an installation of parts which contain in it an “impression” directly into which Plastic material is shot and cooled off. This is basically the cavity… Read more

How can ABS injection molded parts increase brightness?

The main reasons for poor gloss of Plastic parts are: mold, injection molding process, raw materials, etc. PTJ elaborates on this issue as follows, please correct me if it is… Read more

precision injection mould,polymer injection moulding

PIM injection mould maker is dedicated to precision injection mould & customized Plastic molded products dependant on client’s specifications, range of products from electronics, household, auto components and furnitures etc, engineering… Read more

Externally and Internally heated Hot drops

Externally heated Hot drops With this type of hot drop, the polymer is totally enclosed by a heated up tube. Most of surfaces with the melt channel ID are kept… Read more

Metal manufacturers must make these preparations to reduce the risk factor of sheet metal edges

To determine the sharpness of sheet metal edges, metal manufacturers must be prepared in the design stage. Whether in sharp products or non-sharp products, there are very few modern standards… Read more

manufacturer of plastic,making molding

PIM Plastic mold company is a qualified manufacturer of plastic. With over 14 years’ knowledge of producing and exporting different kinds of china plastic injection molding, we have extremely distinctive… Read more

The Analysis Of Shrinkage Depression Cause

1. Machine side (1) The nozzle hole is too large to cause the melted material to flow back and shrink, and the resistance is too small and the material is… Read more

The Preparation Method And Industrialization Direction Of Graphene Plastic

Preparation method of graphene Plastic The performance of graphene plastic (graphene modified plastic composite material) is inseparable from the processing conditions during its preparation. Different preparation methods lead to differences… Read more