​How to buy silicone tableware

​How to buy silicone tableware

In our daily life, silicone tableware is a kind of silicone products that we are more familiar with. Nowadays, more and more people use silicone tableware, and more and more… Read more
​Types of silicone sealed coils

​Types of silicone sealed coils

Types of silicone sealed coils Broadly speaking, the silicone sealing coil is a matching part of the wiring equipment, also called a sealing sleeve or a sealing ring. Although the… Read more
​How is the silicone sealing strip made

​How is the silicone sealing strip made?

silicone sealing strip is a sealing element with a circular cross-section. It is widely used in various machinery and equipment, and plays a sealing role in certain temperature, pressure and… Read more
9 standards for silicone seals

9 standards for silicone seals

At present, many natural rubber seals are gradually being replaced by silicone seals. Therefore, the requirements for use of silicone sealing products are constantly improving. For silicone product manufacturers, purchasers… Read more
Requirements of silicone factory for silicone accessories

Requirements of silicone factory for silicone accessories

Nowadays, some rubber parts are used in various industries. silicone rubber parts have better performance than ordinary rubber materials. Many of our common seals, cushions, and shock absorbers are replaced… Read more
​Factors and solutions affecting silicone sealing products

​Factors and solutions affecting silicone sealing products

The silicone sealing ring in silicone sealing products, long-term sticking and metal pressing and extrusion, after frequent stress, the silicone sealing ring does not rebound or loses force. Some sealing… Read more
The Classification And Function Of Liquid Glue

The Classification And Function Of Liquid Glue

What we usually call silica gel has two physical states, one is a flowing liquid; the other is a solid. Non-solid silica gel that can flow like water is called… Read more
Silicone rubber mold making method!

Silicone rubber mold making method!

silicone rubber mold making method! silicone molds are one of the simplest methods in rapid molds. Generally, the 3D printed prototype is re-molded with silica gel, but the life span… Read more

3D printing custom trend toy blind box

There are several different processes for 3D printing customized trendy toy blind boxes. Products with different materials and processes have different production specifications and methods. The products we see on… Read more

What are the types of 3D printing silicone materials

silicone materials are used in many products. Generally, large-volume silicone products can be made by open-mold injection molding, but before mass production, prototype proofing is generally required. The current proofing… Read more

M&A in a pandemic age

Polymer Transaction Advisors Inc. used some pandemic-era strategies to sell a pair of materials firms earlier this year. In early 2020, Foxfire, N.C.-based PTA was contacted by the executives who… Read more

Kickstart: Shortages of little chips are adding up to big problems for auto industry

It’s another tough year for the auto industry. New forecasts are showing that the computer microchip shortage is cutting deeper than expected, and that’s hitting companies throughout the supply chain.Consultants… Read more

Precision stamping may include progressive die stamping and single-step processes

Precision stamping may include progressive die stamping and single-step processes, which brings many benefits, especially for high-volume projects. Lower cost: When carrying out large projects with multiple identical parts, the… Read more

The status quo and development direction of the stamping industry

More than 2,000 years ago, our country had stamping dies used to make bronzes, which proved that ancient China’s achievements in stamping and forming and stamping dies are leading the… Read more

Introduction to the safe operating procedures of precision metal processing

1. When performing cnc machining, the operator must maintain the correct posture and have sufficient energy to cope with the work. During the operation, the mind must be concentrated. It… Read more

Kickstart: The link between candy and toothbrushes (other than cavities)

Candy and toothbrushes would seem to come from completely different product development streams, but in a recent conversation on The Landscape podcast with our sister publication Crain’s Cleveland Business, Bill… Read more

Family ties extend to new generation at Geon's Orangeville plant

Eric Maclean, right, recently began working at the plant as a scheduler. Eric’s mom, Patti Maclean, also works at the plant, as did her dad, Eric’s grandfather John (Josh) Morrison.Geon… Read more

Kickstart: A growing UK shortage has one industry losing its fizz

If you’ve thought that you were seeing problems with supply shortages in the U.S., the United Kingdom is looking far worse, seeing a lack of chickens that shut down fast-food… Read more

Kickstart: Cleaning beaches and a 'recyclability crisis'

The Ocean Conservancy has 35 years of data from its worldwide beach cleanups and the results aren’t pretty.About 70 percent of what teams of volunteers collect is not effectively recyclable,… Read more

Kickstart: Some things are needed, some things are not

I always appreciate a company that sees a need for a product and figures out how to fill it.Sometimes those needs are big, like medical items or safer cars. Other… Read more

Selenis supports waste reduction pact

Materials firm Selenis is supporting the Business Call for a UN Treaty on Plastic Pollution.The Business Call is a report co-authored by the World Wildlife Fund, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation… Read more