Causes Of Wear and Damage Of Plastic Mold

Most often ,the damage results from continuing to run the mold after flashing occurs- Major damage results from closing the mold on the material itself, lts flash,chips from sheared undercuts,… Read more

test preparation and operation

Test preparation and operation Prior to beginning a test, make certain that most circumstances are optimized. Air heat at the hopper gate Examine the dryer for appropriate: Hopper capability relative… Read more

a successful mold maker with 7 habits

#1  Adopt advertising techniques. As one of Plastic injection moulders  business in china understands its abilities, its marketplaces, and also the consumers it serves greatest. It it finds out whatever… Read more

plastic mold polishing standard data

The Plastic  mold  finish standard data: polishing standard Surface finish of SPI-SPE standard A-0   # 1 diamond buff (optical requirements) A-1   # 3 diamond buff  polishing (mirror) A-2  … Read more

Mold temperature control

Mold temperature control Hot runner mold temperature is controlled by a system,which includes temperature control box,heating coil and nozzle. 1. method for mold temperature control there are several ways available… Read more

What is polymer?

Polymer is one out of the most utilized materials within the producing of toys, mould, as well as different consumer products . It’s very name, ‘Plastic’, through the Greek ‘plastos’… Read more

Circumstances of drying

Circumstances The advised drying time and heat are listed on the details sheet for every brand polymer.Elements essential for appropriate drying ways Drying heat Air circulating in the hopper is… Read more

Hard Chromium Plating For The Plastics Industry

HARD CHROMIUM PLATING FOR THE PLASTICS INDUSTRY  The purpose of this paper is to fully analyze the relevant technical problems of the electroplater and those of the plastics mold, tool,… Read more

Preservation Characteristics

Preservation Characteristics The molding operation provides flexibility to custom-design characteristics to acquire and retain parts in the course of assemblage. Parts can nest among ribs or slide directly into built-in… Read more

surface roughness

Surface Ra of different Plastic molding material Ra   index arrange μm 0.012 0.025 0.05 0.1 0.2 0.4 0.8 1.6 3.2 6.3 12.5 25 inject Thermoplastics PMMA 0.025 0.05 0.1 0.2 0.4 0.8 1.6… Read more

china plastic mould manufacturer

china Plastic mould manufacturer,plastic mould manufacturer china,china plastic mold maker Founded in 2000, PIM plastic mold company is an ISO9001:2008 enterrpise. With around 15 years in mold industry, we have a… Read more

PET preform molding technology

PET preform molding technology In the preform molding process, the best conditions is the possible low temperature, the possible short cycle time, evenly and completely melted, the possible less IV… Read more

Plastic Mold Cost Calaulator

以下就是一份快速成本核算表,结果出来后,可以打印的。 或者你也可以把这个表链接到你的网站上,复制: 模具成本核算,粘贴到你的网站后台,就可以在你的网站上用了 [gview file=””]   简明使用教程: August 18, 2020 Plastic mold Read more

Plastic Mold Maintenance

// Plastic mold maintenance In order to maintain quality parts for most of plastic injection molding company in China  , plastic parts must be produced in quality molds. The best… Read more

the ejection ways of the plastic molding

the ejection ways of the Plastic molding A injection molding is made in mould by way of injecting a plastic melt under pressing right into an impression using a feed… Read more

ABS injection moulding products treatment

ABS treatment for Plastic injection molding Known as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, ABS is an acrylonitrile – styrene copolymer of the monomers from – butadiene. ABS fluidity is between PS and… Read more

what is Injection mold,mold co

what is Injection mold?  Injection mold is known as a mold tool made by mold co, which is utilized to make component in injection machine,  after mould design approved,the Plastic material … Read more

How to determine the injection molding machine?

Successful injection moulding depends on the ability of the machine to operate under the correct conditions of pressure,temperature, and speed of operation for the component being moulded and the material… Read more

Heat treating

Heat treating is a science in itself and should be left to specialists. One of the reasons the designer should stay with a minimum selection of tool steels is to… Read more

what is the plastic injection molding process

injection molding process Classification of injection molding machines 1.the injection molding machine processing ability style clamping force(KN) theoretical injection volume(cm3) mini < 160 <16 small 160〜2000 16〜630 medium 2500〜4000 800〜3150 large… Read more