Requirements of silicone factory for silicone accessories

Nowadays, some rubber parts are used in various industries. silicone rubber parts have better performance than ordinary rubber materials. Many of our common seals, cushions, and shock absorbers are replaced by silicone products. However, silicone materials also have different quality problems, so what properties we need to pay attention to during use!

  • 1. Silicone accessories are widely used, many products need to work 24 hours a day, so abrasion resistance is very important. A good silicone material can be used normally for more than 30,000 hours under stress, and the appearance will not be cracked or worn. .
  • 2. Elasticity is the basic principle of the use of silicone material. Silicone has an outstanding elasticity of more than %120 before resignation. Therefore, poor elasticity and insufficient rebound in the use process can reflect the quality problems of silicone rubber products!
  • 3. High tearing strength is also the core element of silicone accessories, that is, whether the service life is normal or not, the tearing degree can be found and tested at the corner of the product, and there will be no cracking if the tension is too strong. Fatigue and aging appear, and various properties of the product begin to decline during long-term use, such as elasticity, color, shape, etc., which cause the loss of performance of silicone products.

The different problems that arise during the use of silicone accessories depend on whether the raw materials used by the silicone product manufacturer meet the standards and the cooperation of the machine and personnel in the molding process. Therefore, it is OK to see whether the product is a standard product during use. Start the test from the above points to avoid different abnormal problems in use!

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