Three-point design zinc alloy die casting

Because zinc alloy has good die casting properties, mechanical properties, and toughness, it is widely used in traditional cashiers. However, the design of must consider these three points, and the economic value will be higher!

  1. Use function of zinc alloy die casting

The use function of zinc alloy die castings determines the geometry, structure and outline size of the die castings.

  1. Appearance requirements of zinc alloy die castings

Determining the appearance requirements can better understand the economic value of the product, so as to formulate a reasonable die-casting production plan and improve the quality of product mass production

  1. Performance and technical requirements of zinc alloy die castings

The performance and technical requirements of zinc alloy die castings are determined, and the corresponding zinc alloy materials can be selected to ensure product quality and control product production costs.

Before making zinc alloy die-casting parts, it is necessary to make a comprehensive evaluation of these three aspects for this product, so that the die-casting process can be smoother.

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