Why do I need a silicone drain after surgery?

First of all, a drain is a surgical drain to drain the patient’s wound or excess “fluid or gas” out of the body, to avoid the accumulation of undesirable “fluid or gas” and the occurrence of infections and other complications, these fluids include residual fluid in the body cavity, bile and so on. Broadly speaking, silicone drains also include the placement of a gastric tube for gastrointestinal decompression, the placement of a urinary catheter for urinary catheterization, and so on.

Silicone drains serve the following purposes.
1, to prevent infection: drainage is conducive to the destruction of the body fluid “greenhouse”, the infection will be driven out of the body, to prevent infection.
2, to promote wound healing: the accumulation of gas and fluid will be quickly discharged from the body to speed up recovery.
3, decompression effect: drainage can reduce the pressure of local accumulation of gas and fluid in the body, which is conducive to organ recovery.
4, convenient observation of the condition: through observation of the situation and early detection of changes in the condition of the body can better judge the health of the body.
5, as a means of treatment: in clinical practice, the placement of drains are often used as a means of treatment.


Silicone drains can be used with connecting tubes, guiding needles and other components of the surgical drainage catheter set. Drains and connecting tubes are made of silicone rubber or polyurethane and are very convenient to use for aspirating wounds and surgical wounds that produce tissue fluid, gas, pus, blood, etc.

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