3D Printing Mass Production TPU Shoe Midsole

According to data from the authoritative global 3D printing report “Wohlers Roport 2022”, polymer powder materials (such as PA nylon, TPU, etc.) have become one of the most commonly used… Read more

3D printing custom trend toy blind box

There are several different processes for 3D printing customized trendy toy blind boxes. Products with different materials and processes have different production specifications and methods. The products we see on… Read more

Mitsubishi makes first bio-based plastic smartphone screen

Japanese electronics maker Sharp Corp. is commercializing the world’s first bio-based Plastic smartphone front panel screen, using Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.’s bio-based polycarbonate Durabio. Tokyo-based Mitsubishi said in a July 6… Read more

GW Plastics looks beyond molding to complete assembly

NEW YORK—Already known as an injection molding and contract manufacturing leader, Vermont-based GW Plastics Inc. is expanding its reach in the medical market with two facility expansions focused on contract… Read more

Michigan toothbrush maker brings work back from China

Michigan-based toothbrush maker Ranir LLC is investing $3 million for automation equipment, and adding 19 employees, to bring production of its electric toothbrush heads back from China, as part of… Read more

PS prices drop 5 cents, PP up 1 cent

North American polypropylene makers in June got back the penny they had lost in May, while polystyrene makers saw their two-month increase streak come to an end as prices fell… Read more