9 standards for silicone seals

At present, many natural rubber seals are gradually being replaced by silicone seals. Therefore, the requirements for use of silicone sealing products are constantly improving. For silicone product manufacturers, purchasers will also put forward special requirements during production, such as extrusion. Whether the pressure performance seal can achieve the effect, the weather resistance performance, the safety performance and so on. Ruibo silicone manufacturers make some performance standards for silicone products for the requirements of silicone sealing products.

  • 1. It has a longer service life in harsh environments and will not be affected by the weather for a long time-rain, snow, humidity, ozone, solar ultraviolet (UV); organic elastomers may be exposed to the environment for a long time Will become brittle.
  • 2. A wider operating temperature range-from -100oC to 316oC (-148 to 600oF); organic elastomers will soften and irreversibly deform when the temperature exceeds 100oC (212oF), and the temperature is below 25oC (-13oF) It will become brittle.
  • 3. When exposed to harsh environmental stress (heat, cold, humidity, oil, ozone, ultraviolet rays), its inherent good electrical insulation quality will not change significantly.
  • 4. It can maintain its natural flexibility and elasticity (anti-compression deformation) in a wide temperature range, and improve the comfort and feel of consumer products.
  • 5. Good sealing performance.
  • 6. Inertness (tasteless, odorless);
  • 7. Safe and environmentally friendly, it is widely used in food processing tools, baby products, etc.
  • 8. More choices-a wider range of hardness (from Shore A10 to 80), a wider range of color options (from transparent to bright colors).
  • 9. Better fluidity-easy to manufacture and improve productivity.

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