Cleaning steps of die casting mold

Everyone has a certain understanding of die-casting molds. Here are the cleaning steps of :


1.Clean the mold with kerosene first to ensure that there is no aluminum slag dust and dirt in the right-angle groove holes and other places that are easy to trap dirt. The sliding parts such as parting surface, cavity, core pulling and mold appearance are clean as new.


2.Then use compressed air to dry the mold, especially to ensure that the position of the limit switch and plug is dry and free of oil accumulation.


3.Check all parts of the mold carefully according to the fifth item 8-1 standard, and timely transfer the defective parts to the mold repair area for repair.


4.If the mold is hoisted to the maintenance area, apply anti-rust oil to the guide post, guide sleeve, cavity, parting surface and various sliding parts.


5.Finally hoist to the “mould storage area” for fixed positioning and storage, and fill in the “Mold Handling, Repair and Maintenance Card”.


Removal Use the corresponding tools to remove the mold, and follow the top-down principle to remove all aluminum slag, oil, dust and other dirt on the mold. Be careful not to bump and scratch the cavity, core and other product parts.


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