Conveyor cooling method

Conveyors are mainly used in the electronics industry, medical equipment, household and other occupations, and the requirements for conveying accuracy are wide and high. Because the pipe diameter is relatively… Read more

The difference between die casting and stamping

Stamping is a process in which iron, stainless steel or copper sheets are punched out of parts with a punch. The stamping worker puts the iron sheet into the metal… Read more

A global response to a global pandemic

The global pandemic has presented manufacturing and logistical issues for companies all over the world. For MingheCast, the challenge has been to maintain the supply of components to critical industries… Read more

Finishing options for sand-cast components

Sand casting has been one of the processes at the heart of the metal casting industry for thousands of years. Despite the addition of many more casting techniques and processes… Read more

The Numerical Control Cutting Process Of Thread

It is very important for users to use indexable thread turning tool for threading in CNC lathes and machining centers. The correct and reasonable selection of thread cutting technology is… Read more

Approximate Fitting And NC Machining Of Ellipse Gear

Oval gears are widely used in automatic machinery and instrument industries, and are a type of non-circular gears. If strictly required, the elliptical gear can only be manufactured correctly on… Read more

The Role And Application Field Of The Cylinder Telescopic Sheath

The cylinder telescopic sheath is a protective component that is installed on the oil cylinder, cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, etc., and then expands and contracts with it. It has the characteristics… Read more

The Wavelet Analysis Of Overcut In Free-Form Surfaces CNC Machining

A large number of equipment such as CNC machine tools and machining centers are used in mold manufacturing. The manufacturing cycle is long. Operators are prone to fatigue. Once a… Read more

Using pure oxygen burner to reduce energy consumption of ladle preheating

The Wu Steel Works has two workshops, one steelmaking workshop and the second steelmaking workshop. The second steelmaking workshop produces ordinary steel, and the first steelmaking workshop mainly produces small… Read more

Rare earth can effectively improve the toughness of cast steel

As we all know, adding an appropriate amount of rare earth elements to steel materials will have a significant impact on the structure and performance of the material. Usually the… Read more

Technological Innovation to Improve the Homogeneity of Converter Smelting Composition

In the steelmaking process, after the converter smelting is completed, the molten steel is poured into the ladle through the converter tap; Various alloy materials need to be added during… Read more

How to realize quenching and cooling with water instead of oil

 Quenching oil is the most widely used cooling medium in the heat treatment quenching process for a long time. Although quenching oil has many unique cooling characteristics, it also has… Read more

Lost foam casting

 1.1 Overview In 1958, H.F. Shroyer invented the technology of making metal castings with expandable foam Plastic models and obtained a patent. The model used at first was made of… Read more

Forging technology talk

  Forging is the collective name of forging and stamping. It is a forming and processing method that uses the hammer, anvil, punch of the forging machine or the die… Read more

Innovation and Practice of Hot Metal Pretreatment Technology

    Shougang International Engineering Co., Ltd. has a number of patented technologies for molten iron dephosphorization and desulphurization and slagging, which can combine with the individual needs of customers… Read more

Control of Intergranular Corrosion of Austenitic Stainless Steel

Among the various corrosions of stainless steel, the intergranular corrosion accounts for about 10%. It will reduce the bonding force between the grains. Under the action of stress, it is… Read more

Method of reducing total oxygen in slab

Improving the cleanliness of the cast slab is the basis for the production of high-quality steel, and the total oxygen content of the cast slab is an important measure of… Read more

Measures to reduce the content of hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen in steel

   Generally, clean steel refers to a steel grade that has a low content of five major impurity elements (S, P, H, O, N) in steel, and strictly controls non-metallic… Read more

MingheCast invests in Synchro ERP system

As part of its ongoing programme of investment, expansion, and modernisation, MingheCast has just upgraded its business management software to Synchro ERP. Synchro is a fully integrated, flexible, and robust… Read more

It is necessary for a professional foundry person to know this scrap knowledge!

It is necessary for a professional foundry person to know this scrap knowledge!  Scrap steel is a general term for ferrous metal scrap in scrap metal recycling. It includes several… Read more