Impeller Casting Specialists

Aluminium Impeller: Fully machined and balanced,  anodised and heat treatedThe accurate casting and balancing of impellers requires a specialist set of skills as well as a commitment to outstanding consistency and quality. For many years, MingheCast has cast and machined impellers and pump components for a wide variety of industries and applications ranging from centrifugal pumps used in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Water Treatment and Fire industries to slurry pumps used in the agricultural sector.Impellers and pump components have been cast by MingheCast in Aluminium, Stainless and Carbon Steel, and Bronze using the Investment Casting, Gravity Die Casting and Sand Casting processes for many years. Working closely with our clients’ engineers, our design engineering and foundry engineers have modified and enhanced designs and production processes to significantly reduce costs while optimising performance.As Richard Phillips, Sales Director at MingheCast comments; “Over the years we have built up so much expertise and knowledge on impeller casting and balancing that we really do feel like specialists in that field. Today, some of our biggest and most valued customers are international pump manufacturers who demand the highest quality”.

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