What material is suitable for making die casting molds?

are the molds for the production of die-casting parts and the shape is determined. The production process determines the practicability of the casted industrial parts to a certain extent. However, the raw materials used to produce such a mold are also very important. It determines the durability of the mold and indirectly determines the practicability of the parts.


In this way, we should know what materials are suitable for making die-casting molds?


From its working environment:


The processing and forming of the parts requires heat treatment. After the treatment, the liquefied raw materials are poured into the mold for finalization, indicating that the mold has the advantages of high temperature resistance and can remain stable in a high temperature environment.


The mold is formed after cooling, which also shows that not only is it resistant to high temperatures, but it also needs to be repeatedly cooled and heated without breakage.


Metallic materials exist in the mold in liquid form, and there is a certain amount of friction with the inner wall of the mold, which will cause the inner wall of the mold to be damaged, and serious industrial accidents may occur.


According to the working environment of the above die-casting mold, we can determine that its manufacturing materials must have the following properties. It is resistant to high temperature and can withstand the cycle of cooling and heating, and it must have impact resistance and wear resistance.




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