The Classification And Function Of Liquid Glue

What we usually call silica gel has two physical states, one is a flowing liquid; the other is a solid.

Non-solid silica gel that can flow like water is called liquid silica gel; of course, liquid silica gel has a certain viscosity and is usually denser than water. Therefore, the fluidity is not as strong as water. Liquid silica gel will undergo a curing reaction after encountering a curing agent or catalyst. Depending on the type of liquid silica gel, it will be cured into solid silica gel with different hardness and different properties.

Liquid silica gel can be divided into:

Mold silicone Mold liquid silicone is a new type of molding material. Compared with steel molds, silicone molds made of mold silicone have huge advantages in production efficiency and production costs. Nowadays, mold silicone has been widely used in toy and gift industry, medical, electronic, mechanical fields, character duplication, home building decoration industry, unsaturated resin handicraft industry, simulation animal and plant sculpture, Buddha sculpture handicraft and other mold making industries.

Pad printing silica gel Pad printing liquid silica gel is used to make pad printing rubber heads, which are mainly used for printing Plastic toys, electroplating products, electronic toys, trademarks, and irregular patterns. The pad printing rubber head is to use the pattern on the steel plate as a carrier through the rubber head, and then transfer the pattern on the steel plate to the toy product. The hardness of pad printing liquid silicone can be controlled by adding silicone oil. Electronic potting glue Electronic potting liquid silicone is mainly used for potting of electronic products. The use of electronic potting liquid silicone can play a role in sealing, waterproof, dustproof, thermal conductivity, shockproof and insulation of electronic products.

In addition, one is a potting compound for LEDs, which has the characteristics of high transparency and high refractive index. Prototype Silicone Prototype liquid silica gel is also called the first version of silica gel. It is usually used to make prototypes. Compared with the prototype of the prototype, the liquid silica gel for the prototype is hard-wearing and has strong resilience.

Label glue, trademark glue After the liquid silicone for clothing labels is cured, we often see the silicone labels for clothing manufacturers. The use of liquid silica gel to make clothing signs has the characteristics of good hand feel, wear resistance and high production efficiency.

High-temperature silicone The high-temperature mold silicone used to make silicone molds can withstand high temperatures between 200 and 300 degrees Celsius, while high-temperature liquid silicone used in aviation and hot stamping industries can work for a long time at 400 to 1300 degrees Celsius after curing. Without performance changes. Human body silica gel Human body silica gel is a liquid silica gel with low curing hardness. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and has no adverse effects on the human body. Therefore, it can be implanted inside the human body and is usually used to make prostheses. It can also be used to simulate characters and so on.

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