​Factors and solutions affecting silicone sealing products

The silicone sealing ring in silicone sealing products, long-term sticking and metal pressing and extrusion, after frequent stress, the silicone sealing ring does not rebound or loses force. Some sealing rings are used in harsh environments for a long time, such as oxygen and heat. , The aging phenomenon under the action of light leads to disguise, so in the initial stage, the use environment and time of the silicone sealing ring need to consider the material and whether the product can maintain a long-term life, and the elasticity is not affected.


1. In the process of use, various high and low temperatures are a major factor affecting the product. Although the silicone material can accept high temperatures of more than 200 degrees to -40 degrees, it will accelerate the aging of the silicone sealing ring under severe heat conditions for a long time. , The higher the temperature, the greater the deformation of the product, and the maximum force deformation of the silicone material is generally more than 40%, which will completely lose its working performance, resulting in leakage of the seal and other reasons.

It is recommended to appropriately increase the amount of compression and extension when used under low temperature conditions. When using under low temperature conditions, attention should be paid to the phenomenon of product necrosis and deformation and cracking.

2. Stretching is one of the main operating capabilities of silicone seals. Therefore, when silicone products manufacturers produce, they will choose the corresponding tensile strength materials and the use conditions of various hardnesses. Therefore, high tensile strength can be selected for long-term repeated use. The silicone material is processed and produced to prevent the product from affecting the performance of the product over time. Because the long-term operation of silicone rubber will cause the product to become loose and lose the tension when it is used outside the tension range, so under sufficient conditions Reduce the degree of work intervention stretch, the biggest factor affecting the deformation of silicone material during long-term use.

Therefore, lowering the working pressure is the best way to maintain the sealing ring. In addition, high-quality materials are used in the performance of the product. The higher the high tensile force and the hardness of the product, the better the product quality.

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