Instructions For Use Of Silicone Oil Remover

The silicone oil remover was diluted with water to prepare 1% and 2% solutions. The concentration of solution should be increased in case of serious pollution. Heating the solution (40 to 50 degrees Celsius) or using an ultrasonic cleaning tank can greatly shorten the cleaning time.


Rinse thoroughly immediately after the cleaning substance is removed from the solution. Do not leave the cleaning material for too long before rinsing. It is recommended to rinse it three times with water to ensure complete removal of pollutants and cleaning solution


Residual traces of liquid. Dry carefully after cleaning and dry with a lint free cloth or hot air flow. The concentration of this product is 1-2%; the cleaning time is 1-3 minutes; the cleaning temperature is room temperature – 80 ℃, and it can be used by spraying when it is higher than 50 ℃.

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