​How is the silicone sealing strip made?

silicone sealing strip is a sealing element with a circular cross-section. It is widely used in various machinery and equipment, and plays a sealing role in certain temperature, pressure and different liquid or gas media. So how is the silicone sealing strip made?

The first operator adds a curing agent to the rubber according to the formula requirements, and then puts the silica gel into the rubber mixer, stirs and cuts into strips, and its width generally does not exceed the width of the extruder entrance. When the extruder starts, turn on the cooling water valve, let the rubber strip from the forced supply device naturally enter the extruder cylinder, and move the rubber strip to the direction of the machine head through the rotating screw. In the process of moving, the composite data is controlled within the temperature plan required by the process (adjust the switch of the cooling water valve) to make it shrink and plasticize. Due to the role of the screw, the compound has a tight kneading effect in the processing process, so that the product structure is combined with each other, the density is added, the fluidity is stable, and the product quality of the silicone sealing strip is better.

Advantages of silicone sealing strip:

  • 1. Silica gel has a strong inertia. Therefore, the round silicone sealing strip has outstanding aging resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • 2. The surface can be divided into lubricating and granular, the temperature is planned to be -70-300 degrees, the color can be customized and allocated, which meets the environmental certification.
  • 3. Due to the outstanding sealing function of the silicone material, the round silicone sealing strip can be applied to various lubricating surfaces and has the functions of shockproof, waterproof and dustproof.
  • 4. The solid round silicone sealing strip is environmentally safe and safe: it is non-toxic and tasteless. It is a food-grade sealing tape and can be safely used for food and medical operations.
  • 5. The solid round silicone sealing strip has small shrinkage deformation, strong elasticity, good surface non-stickiness, good air permeability, and beautiful surface lubrication.

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