​How to buy silicone tableware

In our daily life, silicone tableware is a kind of silicone products that we are more familiar with. Nowadays, more and more people use silicone tableware, and more and more silicone tableware are sold on the market. However, because of the silicone tableware The rapid development of the market has led to the quality of silicone tableware on the market. Not every silicone tableware is good. So, how should we buy silicone tableware?

  • 1. Direct observation. For example, silicone rice scoops, good silicone rice scoops have pure colors on the surface, and the surface is smooth and free of stains. If it is inferior, the surface is generally rough and will have a pungent odor;
  • 2. Touch directly. If it is a good-quality silicone tableware, its hand feel is more comfortable and delicate, and its softness and elasticity are excellent, even if it is kneaded and turned at will, it will not be deformed;
  • 3. the price is high and low. Generally, the price of high-quality products is more expensive. If the silicone tableware market sells forty to fifty, and now it is 9.9 free shipping, how true do you think it is?
  • 4. Check the relevant certificates. Silicone products that are in direct contact with food, such as silicone tableware, must undergo quality testing and pass food-grade standards, such as FDA testing in M ​​country and CNAS testing in China.
  • 5. Directly find a strong manufacturer. The simplest and most rude is to directly buy from a competent manufacturer. If you find such a formal and competent manufacturer to buy, there is basically no problem.

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