​How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of silicone products

Good-quality silicone products are very popular among people in Europe, America and other countries, and have great potential in the domestic silicone market; it is certain that more silicone products will flood into all walks of life in the future, so for silicone For product manufacturers, producing high-quality silicone products is the top priority. So what characteristics must a high-quality silicone product have? How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of silicone products?

  • 1. Good temperature resistance. The temperature resistance here includes high temperature and low temperature. Silica gel is a kind of temperature resistant material. The silicone products produced are naturally very temperature resistant. The maximum temperature can reach 240 degrees, and the minimum can reach -40 degrees temperature. Generally speaking from a professional technology, this requires the manufacturer to grasp all aspects. Control each process well, so that the silicone products produced will reach the high-quality level.
  • 2. It is easy to clean. Silicone products are waterproof products, and they will not change when placed in water. This is inherent to silicone products. In addition, the silicone kitchenware produced can be boiled and disinfected in high-temperature hot water, and can also be cleaned in a washing machine or dishwasher without damaging the silicone products.
  • 3. Long lifespan. The spatial organization of silica gel is also very messy, but the chemical properties are also very stable, and will not react with general chemicals. In addition to strong acids and strong bases, general weak acids and weak bases will have nothing to do Change, these few dollars have given good characteristics to silicone products. The silicone products produced have a long life and are very well-used. Therefore, we usually see silicone products, especially silicone products such as silicone kitchenware. 3 –5 years is no problem. Compared with products of other materials, silicone products are more durable.
  • 4. Soft and comfortable. The characteristic of silicone products means that the material of silicone can produce some softer daily necessities. Recommended product: dishwashing brush silicone gloves
  • 5. The colors are diverse. The color of the silicone material changes when it participates in the color masterbatch and vulcanizing agent. The entire process is that the transparent color of the silicone itself changes to the color share of the participation, so the color of the silicone product is very beautiful and bright. As silicone kitchen utensils, silicone jewelry, silicone gifts, and still our commonly used daily necessities, it can produce silicone products suitable for various places.
  • 6. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic. In China, many friends don’t know such materials as silica gel. They don’t know that silica gel is an environmentally friendly non-toxic material, leading to many misunderstandings. Some even say that silica gel is a toxic substance. In fact, these are all misunderstandings. In addition to the products I mentioned above, the most common thing for products made with silicone is the silicone pacifier. This is a product that everyone has used. Silicone pacifier is a kind of silicone product produced from silicone, but the production process is different.

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