​Precautions when making silicone buttons with the glue process

When manufacturers produce silicone keys, they usually use the forming silk screen laser engraving-dripping spray oil process.

This glue dispensing process is mixed with epoxy resin + curing agent, and then dripped on the surface of the silicone keys and allowed to dry naturally, so that not only the appearance of the silicone keys is exquisite, but also the appearance of the silicone keys is protected from damage.

This kind of glue dispensing process can not only protect the appearance of the silicone keys, but also pursue high quality and exquisiteness. It is not possible to achieve these advantages. When manufacturing, pay attention to the following matters to make such high-quality products:

  • 1. When performing the glue dispensing process, clean the utensils that will be used in the glue dispensing process to avoid some undesirable phenomena such as ripples, pitting, impurities and so on after the glue is cured because the utensils are not clean and have impurities;
  • 2. When the epoxy resin and curing agent are mixed, the ratio should be accurately matched to avoid incomplete curing or too long curing time;
  • 3. A certain working environment is required when performing the glue dispensing process. For example, the humidity of the working environment should be within 69%. If it is raining, it is not recommended to enter this process, because when it rains, the air humidity is relatively high. , It will oxidize the surface of the glue. If you rush the order, you can use an air dehumidifier to reduce the humidity;
  • 4. Generally, after it is made, it needs to be placed in a suitable place to allow it to dry naturally, so the silicone keys should be stored together in a 29%-41% environment.

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