How to distinguish between real and fake silicone

Everywhere on the market is imitation products, such as silicone, a lot of black-hearted business manufacturers behind their conscience to manufacture fake and shoddy low-quality silicone products, in fact, many people do not know what silicone is, but every day with it, the seal is made of silicone, then how to identify the good and bad of silicone, how to know the authenticity of silicone, Jia Jie gave you a summary of several features.

From the feel of the product, really made of silicone toughness, elasticity is very good, not easy due to external forces and permanent deformation, and feel smooth, while counterfeit silicone products are easy to deformation, and feel more rough, because the counterfeit silicone surface is not a layer of greasy substance.

From the characteristics, really silicone products are non-toxic, tasteless and colorless products, good texture, no harm to the human body, while the general counterfeit silicone products are very that to achieve these effects, fake and shoddy silicone products are generally toxic pungent smell, and also more rough!

At the same time we can also put the real silicone through the flame burning is also very useful, counterfeit silicone in the burning black smoke, the residue is black powder, real silicone products, no matter what color burning out of white smoke, burning residue is white powder.

Through these three methods can be very clear analysis to identify the real and fake silicone products, but also hope that more consumers can recognize the real silicone, improve the quality of life.

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