​The sealing result of the silicone ring is poor, what is the reason why the sealing result is not achieved?

The aging life is the flaw of the silicone ring. All silicone products that are suitable for the benefits of sealing have such a shortcoming. For example, we often see inevitable shortcomings in the door and window of the machine, the sealing of electrical products and the waterproof sealing ring of the car. Silicone, rubber, and other materials are gradually failing through the poison of the situation and the tempering of time, and their effectiveness has not reached the realistic results, showing the benefits of non-productive products.

There are many important reasons that affect the life of the application, but the silicone ring will be affected by several common signs in the job seal.

Affected by the size of the force, the shrinkage may be permanent. According to the placement method, the flat surface, the rugged groove or the groove, etc., the placement method is very different. The placement method of each product is very likely to cause the uneven force. The center of force is found to be offset, and one side is found to be heavy. One side of the light will shrink and permanently deform under the condition of permanent accumulation of force. When it is removed again, the sealing silicone ring has probably found the shape. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the average and the level of the force at the same time as the placement.

Incorrect product size causes cracks and deformation

The gap question can be divided into several components. One is because of the rubber material of the material. Many silicone materials are found to have poor resilience due to the formula, and the question of insufficient stretching force causes the lack of strength in the application process to find cracks and leaks. , Silicone ring plus manufacturer’s processing questions: For example, the product is brittle and the thickness of the silicone product is relatively thin. This type of question is easy to find. The soft product causes the rubber to have an inner bulge, and it will be stretched and compressed forever. Deformation found crack doubt.

The product becomes soft or brittle and the effect is invalid. For a lot of time, it is not a question of the layout of the material and the product, but the quality of the product is affected in the middle of the manufacturing and processing process of the silicone rubber product manufacturer, just like the final solution of the product during processing. According to the request, the processing time is lengthened and the product is too brittle. In the process of installing the machine, cracks are found, and I probably want to upgrade the processing obedience and find that the product is soft, causing the product to be deformed when it is stressed.

The effect of hardness and softness is very much based on the difference of silicone rubber products. The softness can completely change the efficacy and layout of the product. Therefore, the silicone sealing ring is subjected to force and stretch due to the selected difference in hardness and softness during the application process. , Extrusion and other signs are discovered, the sealing ring will find a few unavoidable doubts, such as extrusion cracks, excessive stress, excessive hardness, product deformation and no rebound.

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