The Difference Between Laser Cutting And Traditional Processing Technology

With the rapid development of sheet metal processing technology, the processing technology is also changing with each passing day, bringing many revolutionary concepts to sheet metal processing. As a traditional… Read more

PET preform molding technology

PET preform molding technology In the preform molding process, the best conditions is the possible low temperature, the possible short cycle time, evenly and completely melted, the possible less IV… Read more

The Comparison Of Industrial Computer Chassis Types

1. The Role Of The Industrial Computer Chassis The use environment of the industrial computer chassis is generally harsh, high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, long-term uninterrupted operation, and places… Read more

Explain the two-color electroplating process in detail

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, a single plating color can no longer meet people’s needs, and two-color machines and multi-color plating operations have emerged.… Read more

Plastic Mold Cost Calaulator

以下就是一份快速成本核算表,结果出来后,可以打印的。 或者你也可以把这个表链接到你的网站上,复制: 模具成本核算,粘贴到你的网站后台,就可以在你的网站上用了 [gview file=””]   简明使用教程: August 18, 2020 Plastic mold Read more

Introduction of hot-dip galvanizing and its advantages

Hot-dip galvanizing (hot-dip galvanizing) refers to the method of immersing the plated fasteners in liquid metal zinc or its alloy for plating. Hot-dip galvanizing is widely used to protect steel… Read more

What is the difference between casting and forging in mold manufacturing?

In mold manufacturing, we will often hear the words casting and forging. What is the difference between these two manufacturing processes? Now, I will give you a detailed introduction! 1.… Read more

Non-ferrous metal waste gas treatment plan

During the production and processing of a metal surface treatment company, there are several processes that produce organic waste gas. These organic waste gas needs to be treated before they… Read more

Metal 3D printer eliminates the debinding step. Metal parts can directly enter the sintering furnace

We all built sand castles on the beach: powerful walls, majestic turrets, moats full of sharks. And, if you are like me, you will be surprised at how little water… Read more

Plastic Mold Maintenance

// Plastic mold maintenance In order to maintain quality parts for most of plastic injection molding company in China  , plastic parts must be produced in quality molds. The best… Read more

the ejection ways of the plastic molding

the ejection ways of the Plastic molding A injection molding is made in mould by way of injecting a plastic melt under pressing right into an impression using a feed… Read more

Wire Cutting Vs Laser Cutting Vs Plasma Cutting

With the development of science and technology, there are more and more cutting methods, such as: laser cutting, water cutting, plasma cutting, wire cutting…what is the difference between them? Listen… Read more

The Process Requirements For Shaft Machining

China’s shaft parts machining industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and various large-scale mechanical machining plants are also constantly innovating and improving shaft machining technology. For the machining of… Read more

ABS injection moulding products treatment

ABS treatment for Plastic injection molding Known as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, ABS is an acrylonitrile – styrene copolymer of the monomers from – butadiene. ABS fluidity is between PS and… Read more

Mold plating processing

A mold is a tool used to make molded objects. This tool is composed of various parts, and different molds are composed of different parts. It mainly realizes the processing… Read more

Our Industrial Computer Sometimes Very Hot In Use?

After receiving our industrial computer, many customers will conduct a systematic test on it, such as running a program, turning the CPU to the maximum and the memory to the… Read more

what is Injection mold,mold co

what is Injection mold?  Injection mold is known as a mold tool made by mold co, which is utilized to make component in injection machine,  after mould design approved,the Plastic material … Read more

How To Choose Blanks Material For Cnc Machining?

When performing machining, the selection of blanks not only affects the economics of blank manufacturing, but also affects the economics of machining. Therefore, when selecting blanks, both mechanical processing and… Read more

How to determine the injection molding machine?

Successful injection moulding depends on the ability of the machine to operate under the correct conditions of pressure,temperature, and speed of operation for the component being moulded and the material… Read more

Process for heat treatment of rack surface of CNC cutting machine

The advantages of aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy enclosure plates: aluminum materials are widely used in the construction industry for exterior walls and roofs. The choice of aluminum as a building material is… Read more