The Intelligent and Ecological Of Cnc Machining

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Causes Of Wear and Damage Of Plastic Mold

Most often ,the damage results from continuing to run the mold after flashing occurs- Major damage results from closing the mold on the material itself, lts flash,chips from sheared undercuts,… Read more

test preparation and operation

Test preparation and operation Prior to beginning a test, make certain that most circumstances are optimized. Air heat at the hopper gate Examine the dryer for appropriate: Hopper capability relative… Read more

Application of Magnesium Alloy Electroplating Zinc Process

Electroplating zinc on magnesium alloy can greatly improve the corrosion resistance of magnesium alloy surface, and at the same time, it has the advantages of beautiful appearance, high hardness and… Read more

a successful mold maker with 7 habits

#1  Adopt advertising techniques. As one of Plastic injection moulders  business in china understands its abilities, its marketplaces, and also the consumers it serves greatest. It it finds out whatever… Read more

plastic mold polishing standard data

The Plastic  mold  finish standard data: polishing standard Surface finish of SPI-SPE standard A-0   # 1 diamond buff (optical requirements) A-1   # 3 diamond buff  polishing (mirror) A-2  … Read more

Development and Application of Grinding Technology in Sheet Metal Manufacturing Industry

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Development and Application of Online Thickness Measurement System for Galvanized Sheet

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The Common Application Field Of Metal Laser Cutting

As a precision processing method, laser cutting can cut almost all materials, including two-dimensional or three-dimensional cutting of thin metal plates. So, what are the common application areas of laser… Read more

Mold temperature control

Mold temperature control Hot runner mold temperature is controlled by a system,which includes temperature control box,heating coil and nozzle. 1. method for mold temperature control there are several ways available… Read more

New Process of Nickel Electroplating on Zinc

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What is polymer?

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The Main Function Of The Computer's Common Interface

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