Development and Application of Online Thickness Measurement System for Galvanized Sheet

Galvanized steel sheet is to prevent corrosion on the surface of the steel sheet and prolong its service life. The surface of the steel sheet is coated with a layer… Read more

The Common Application Field Of Metal Laser Cutting

As a precision processing method, laser cutting can cut almost all materials, including two-dimensional or three-dimensional cutting of thin metal plates. So, what are the common application areas of laser… Read more

Mold temperature control

Mold temperature control Hot runner mold temperature is controlled by a system,which includes temperature control box,heating coil and nozzle. 1. method for mold temperature control there are several ways available… Read more

New Process of Nickel Electroplating on Zinc

Galvanizing is mainly used to prevent corrosion of steel, and the quality of its protective performance is closely related to the thickness of the coating. As a cheap metal electroplating… Read more

What is polymer?

Polymer is one out of the most utilized materials within the producing of toys, mould, as well as different consumer products . It’s very name, ‘Plastic’, through the Greek ‘plastos’… Read more

The Main Function Of The Computer's Common Interface

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Circumstances of drying

Circumstances The advised drying time and heat are listed on the details sheet for every brand polymer.Elements essential for appropriate drying ways Drying heat Air circulating in the hopper is… Read more

How to choose electroplating power supply correctly

In the process of electroplating production, the correct choice of a power supply product that suits you is the basis for improving work efficiency. The following are the requirements for… Read more

The Cold And Heat Treatment In Magnesium-Aluminum Alloy Machining

In the process of machining magnesium-aluminum alloy materials, the operator must select appropriate equipment for finishing the magnesium-aluminum alloy materials. In the process of machining the magnesium-aluminum alloy materials, the… Read more

Hard Chromium Plating For The Plastics Industry

HARD CHROMIUM PLATING FOR THE PLASTICS INDUSTRY  The purpose of this paper is to fully analyze the relevant technical problems of the electroplater and those of the plastics mold, tool,… Read more

Preservation Characteristics

Preservation Characteristics The molding operation provides flexibility to custom-design characteristics to acquire and retain parts in the course of assemblage. Parts can nest among ribs or slide directly into built-in… Read more

The Technical Requirements For Large Frame Welding

Large-scale frame welding machining is a common product in large-scale machining at present. When performing large-scale frame welding machining, we should not only know the machining requirements of frame welding… Read more

Mold application nickel-tungsten alloy electroplating process

It is generally believed that the quality of the mold is closely related to the quality of the parts. Many molds (such as die-casting molds) must be electroplated on the… Read more

surface roughness

Surface Ra of different Plastic molding material Ra   index arrange μm 0.012 0.025 0.05 0.1 0.2 0.4 0.8 1.6 3.2 6.3 12.5 25 inject Thermoplastics PMMA 0.025 0.05 0.1 0.2 0.4 0.8 1.6… Read more

The Certification Marks And Term Explanations Of Industrial Computers In The World

Industrial PCs in China generally have 3C certification, CE certification and CQC certification. The most basic is the 3C certification, which is China’s mandatory electrical and electronic standards. For the… Read more

Improvement of pretreatment process for aluminum and aluminum alloy electroplating

I. Introduction Electroplating of various metals on the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloys can significantly improve the physical or chemical properties of the surface. When aluminum and aluminum alloys… Read more

New technology of zinc-nickel alloy wastewater treatment

Electroplating zinc-nickel alloy refers to the formation of a coating film on the surface of the plated parts at a ratio of zinc to nickel 9:1. This protective coating has… Read more

Introduction Of Large-Scale Casting Technology Casting And Development

1. Casting [Explanation] The process of smelting metal into a liquid that meets certain requirements and pouring it into a casting mold. After cooling, solidification, and cleaning, a casting (part… Read more

china plastic mould manufacturer

china Plastic mould manufacturer,plastic mould manufacturer china,china plastic mold maker Founded in 2000, PIM plastic mold company is an ISO9001:2008 enterrpise. With around 15 years in mold industry, we have a… Read more

The Common Materials Analysis Of Large-Scale Machining

In addition to knowing the common types of machining and the classification of commonly used tools for machining equipment, large-scale machining should also understand what materials are commonly used in… Read more