3D printing custom trend toy blind box

There are several different processes for 3D printing customized trendy toy blind boxes. Products with different materials and processes have different production specifications and methods. The products we see on the market are roughly divided into four categories, soft rubber technology, vinyl technology, and mold reversal. Process, etc., 3D printing process can be used for customized and individual ones.

So what are the 3D printing custom trend toy blind box manufacturers, 3d-printing-china.com can be 3D customized, 3D printing, painting and coloring, silk screen electroplating and other post-processing operations, so that the model reaches the industrial level, let’s give Everyone introduces the process of 3D printing tide play.

1. Determine the model drawings

Design a 3D model diagram, disassemble parts of different colors, and confirm that Pantone color numbers are needed!

2. Product proofing

Product proofing: 3D printing is used as proofing production, disassembly, printing, and coloring
3D printing service can choose white mold and red wax. The cost of white mold is low, and the accuracy of red wax is very high, but the cost is high. If there are not many surface details, you can choose white mold. For more details, use red wax. At present, the most suitable is white mold red. Combine waxes, choose red wax for high-demand parts, and white molds for other parts.

3. Mass production

Mold making: making silicone molds, using silica gel molds for low cost and short production cycle. The number of fashion products is basically small batches, ranging from 50-500. Currently, they are all made by turning molds, and the later disassembled parts are colored.

Mass production: that is, the final mass production of the product. Of course, the quality of the material of the product must be tested before it can be put into production. The higher the technological requirements of the product, the higher the scrap rate of the product, and the higher the production cost.

The above is what 3d-printing-china.com introduces to you about the 3D printing custom trend toy blind box manufacturers have those analyses, I hope to provide you with your reference.

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