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Founded in 2000, PIM plastic mold company is an ISO9001:2008 enterrpise. With around 15 years in mold industry, we have a strong engineering team and world-class equipment mainly imported from Switerland, Japan and Italy, etc. We can offer various injection plastic molds and die cast mold with excellent quality and competitive price.

PIM plastic mold company is a professional china plastic mould manufacturer and china plastic mold maker, and export 500~600 sets mould in HASCO/DME standard to the world market yearly, we would be your right choice if you outsource plastic mould manufacturer china,Our service includes below items:

◆ Mold & Mold Making ( mold weight from 10 kg to 25 tons, steel precision machining tolerance ±0.01mm )
◆ Mold & part design
◆ Molding series production
◆ Prototyping & development

August 17, 2020 plastic mold

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