Hard Chromium Plating For The Plastics Industry


The purpose of this paper is to fully analyze the relevant technical problems of the electroplater and those of the plastics mold, tool, die and equipment manufacturer in an effort to effect a better appreciation of the intricacies and limitations of hard chromium plating in order that the plastics industry may derive the full benefit of the advantages of its proper application.

An attempt has been made to answer all of the questions so frequently asked concerning hard chromium plating, and at the same time to justify the expense and attendant additional effort on the part of all concerned.

A thorough description of the theory, practice and problems of hard chromium plating is presented in order to remove the shroud of mystery surrounding the technique, and to create a higher regard for the skill and experience required in the successful commercial application of the process to the problems of the plastics industry.

Hard chromium plating is not put on with a brush. Introduction Time has truly been said to be man’s most valuable possession.

Time is money and wealth, and its more efficient utilization is the essence of progress. We have just been through a lengthy period of strife and world conflict, and the principal of our investment has been “shot away”.

However, this period of war need not be considered as a loss to in fact, it can be converted into a long-term gain for mankind if we will but profit from the accelerated progress for which we have paid so dearly.

In terms of scientific and technical progress, it may be said that civilization has advanced twenty-five years during this war period.

But, in order that twenty years from now mankind shall be “ahead of the game”, it is vitally essential that full advantage be taken of those accelerated engineering achievements, materials, techniques, processes and methods which have so materially enhanced the more efficient utilization of time and hence productivity.

The phenomenal development of the application of industrial or hard chromium plating to plastics molds and equipment is a product of this recent war era.

The basic principles of hard chromium plating were, of course, developed prior to this period, but the precision techniques and intricacies of application to delicate and expensive molds, dies and machine parts were born of the impetus created by war for maximum production.

The value of hard chromium plating as an engineering tool when applied to plastics and rubber molds, press rams, injection molding equipment, compounding and calendering machinery, planishing plates, cutting tools, gages and other components has been proven by the myriad of successful applications.

However, it now behooves the molder, mold maker and machinery builder to take a few minutes time-out and compare notes with the plater.

Only in this way can the precious knowledge gained be coordinated in order that those tremendous economies of time, material and effort affected during the war years may be surpassed by even greater peacetime productivity.

The purpose of this paper is to present a comprehensive survey of hard chromium plating as it pertains to the plastics industry.

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