manufacturer of plastic,making molding

PIM Plastic mold company is a qualified manufacturer of plastic. With over 14 years’ knowledge of producing and exporting different kinds of china plastic injection molding, we have extremely distinctive and skilled know-how particularly in plastic molding and logo producing.

We offer the entire set of state-of-the-art machines and strong capability in mould designing and brand new products building which guarantee us to create the accurate custom-made products based on your unique demand. We have a great number of sizes and designs accessible to fulfill various needs.

We are positioned in Taizhou, close to Ningbo Port and Shanghai Port which allow us to make contact with consumers globally. Top quality, fast shipping and liable support help make us a dependable companion with consumers in European countries, The united states and other areas and locations.
We constantly make an effort to offer the very best plastic goods at the best price achievable within the soonest time. Using our specialist help, we just help make your promotional campaign a worry-free experience!

August 17, 2020 plastic mold

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