medical plastic molding company,plastic mold injection process

medical Plastic molding company

It doesn’t matter how many shot you desire,we might satisfy your expect via our ample plastic injection molding  experience,as being a China plastic injection molding manufacturing facility,we work as a respected crew and provide one-stop services for you, devoted to plastic mold design,plastic mold creating and plastic injection molding.Custom injection molding and mold building are main products and services supplied by us,and our goods fields consists of:OEM mold making,industrial,consumer , automotive ,gardening or medical plastic molding.We could make various plastic molding parts,and can cater to model sizes from 1.2 oz to 44 oz. for injection molded parts and up to 8 KG. when it comes to blow molded components.We use SolidWorks for part and mold making design- one hundred percent focused on product design, SolidWorks aids manufacturers get products to market faster with more accurate and reliable product designs.

In order to deliver you a on-time and close tolerance plastic mold,we need review all the aspects of plastic mold constructing and plastic mold injection process.The modern concept , prototyping, will help us with this point,which could assist to obtain the plastic part before the plastic moldbefore the machinning to stay away from the possible plastic molding design problems.


plastic mold injection process

December 28, 2013 plastic mold

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