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Standard mold parts are used extensively in almost all modern injection mold tools. Only a few special-purpose tools are constructed from Scratch, without taking advantage of the standard components available. Even these tools would have a small number of standard parts in them such as guide pillars, ejector pins and liner bushes.
The advantages of using standard mold parts are considerable. Some of the major advantages are listed below:

  • Components are usually available ex stock,
    Quality is guaranteed
    Parts are made to close tolerances, so accurate interchangeability is assured.
    A wide variety of sizes and materials is available
    Standard parts cost less to buy than they would to make in a tool room.
    Using standard parts enables toolmakers to concentrate on making the cavity inserts and other custom parts,
    Using standard parts cuts down delivery times for tool manufacture.
    Tool rooms can produce more mold tools than they could otherwise.
    Replacement parts are easy to obtain and fit, making maintenance easier.
    CAD-compatible software from standard parts suppliers is available for reducing design times.
    Standard Parts Available

There is a vast array of standard components that may be purchased ‘off the shelf. A few of the major items are listed next.

  • Mold Design Guide
    Mold Base Units
    Complete holster sets are available over a wide range of different sizes and materials. Ejector and stripper plate versions can be purchased and, recently, mold base sets with integral sets of splits and three-plate tools have been added to the range.
    Mold Plates
    A very large range of these is marketed in different sizes and thicknesses. If required, individual plates can be supplied with insert pockets pre-machined into them, Additionally, plates are available with screw holes, guide pillar holes and many other features pre-machined*
    Location and Alignment Components

Among the many components available are:

  • Guide pillars and bushes
    Liner bushes
    Ejector plate guidance systems
    Register rings
    Side core slides
    Ejection Components
    _ Ejector pins
    , Blade ejectors
    Return pins
    Ejector plate early return systems
    Angled lift pins
    Blank form pins
    Spring ejectors
    Feed Systems
    Hot sprue bushes Runnerless systems
    Full hot runner systems
    Cooling Components
    Cool pins
    Heat pipes
    Manifold connectors
    Unscrewing Components
    Racks, pinions, gears
    Bearings, load screws
    Motors (hydraulic, electric and pneumatic)
    Nozzles, gate bushes, thermocouples limit switches, proximity switches, instrumentation, side core stops, screws, chain, etc.

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