precision injection mould,polymer injection moulding

PIM injection mould maker is dedicated to precision injection mould & customized Plastic molded products dependant on client’s specifications, range of products from electronics, household, auto components and furnitures etc, engineering ability and quality supervision procedure are our most important benefit, which are labeled by innovation, productivity and preciseness.

Our primary customer marketplaces are in The United States and European countries, the guideline is definitely “Quality First”, our technical engineers may help clients in the complete polymer injection moulding design and production process, from idea to mold design, r.p., manufacturing planning and package.

Our Capacity consists of CAD/CAM, mold flow analysis, plastic mold making and ,screen printing and hot stamping.

PIM injection mould maker is to supply competitively-priced items which satisfy or go beyond customers’ quality demands. We attempt to supply superb service to our clients while consistently improving the performance of our workers and our procedures. Our goal is to develop win-win collaboration between clients, personnel, providers and the company owners.

August 17, 2020 plastic mold

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