The Pollution prone List Of Mechanical Machining Caused

Machining is currently undergoing rapid development. In addition to knowing the problems that need to be paid attention to in machining and the causes of errors in machining, the machining staff in this field must also understand the pollution that machining is prone to produce, so as to optimize treatment and reduce environmental impact. The pollution of the world contributes to the world’s environmental protection and sustainable development. What kind of pollution is easy to produce by mechanical machining? Let’s take a look together.

The Pollution prone List Of Mechanical Machining Caused

1. Exhaust gas pollution

The most common waste gas pollutants in mechanical machining are mainly machine tool machining dust, welding fumes, and painting waste gas.

Machine tool machining powder tip is mainly the dust caused by metal powder during cutting and drilling of machine tools such as lathes, milling machines and CNC machining centers.

Welding fume is due to the action of high-temperature arc during welding process, the end of the electrode and its base material are melted accordingly, and the surface of the molten liquid is violently sprayed with high-temperature and high-pressure steam generated by the coated welding core and diffuses around. When steam enters the surrounding air, it is cooled and oxidized, and partly condenses into solid particles, which is a mixture of gas and solid particles.

Paint spraying waste gas comes from the volatilization of volatile solvents and thinners in spray paint raw materials. Organic solvents will not adhere to the surface of the spray paint along with the paint, and will all be released during the paint spraying and curing process to form organic waste gas.

2. Wastewater pollution

Wastewater pollution from mechanical machining is mainly divided into domestic sewage and machining wastewater. Domestic sewage mainly includes canteen wastewater, accommodation wastewater and office domestic wastewater. Machining wastewater mainly includes painting wastewater, dust removal wastewater, workpiece cleaning wastewater and wastewater generated during machining.

3. Noise pollution

Machining is mostly the collision between two hard objects of machine tool equipment and the processed workpiece, which will inevitably emit noise that cannot be ignored. There are also noise generated by air compressors, paint spray booth fans, and other auxiliary equipment.

4. Solid waste pollution

The most common solid wastes in mechanical machining include waste scraps, waste packaging materials, waste emulsions, waste engine oil, waste cotton yarn, waste activated carbon, welding slag, paint residue, etc.

The above-mentioned types of pollution are prone to occur in mechanical machining. Therefore, we should properly optimize the pollution source when performing mechanical machining, try to reduce its pollution to the environment, and greatly reduce the degree of harm to the human body. Only green production , In order to make the large-scale mechanical machining plant more sustainable development.

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