Three Kinds Of Copper Ore Beneficiation Methods

Three Kinds Of Copper Ore Beneficiation Methods

There are many types of copper ore. China’s mining is mainly chalcopyrite, followed by chalcocite and bornite. In addition, there are natural copper, tetrahedrite, azurite, malachite and so on. So far, more than 280 copper-containing minerals have been discovered. China’s copper mines are mainly concentrated in Tongling in Anhui, Zhongtiao Mountain in Shanxi, Dongchuan in Yunnan, Duobao Mountain in Heilongjiang, and Dexing in Jiangxi. There are many copper ore beneficiation methods. Today we introduce three commonly used copper ore beneficiation methods.

01 Copper ore flotation method

Since many other metal substances are associated with many copper ore, there are three types of flotation methods for copper ore. The first is the preferential flotation method: when the ore contains two or more useful minerals, the flotation process is used to select the useful minerals one by one into a single concentrate. The second is the mixed flotation method. When the ore contains two or more useful minerals and the flotation method is used for ore beneficiation, various useful minerals are selected together as a mixed concentrate (and then various useful minerals are processed). Separation) process.

The third method requires the use of flotation equipment. Due to the strong stirring of the copper ore flotation machine, the ore particles with a relatively large size and density can be suspended, and at the same time, it can promote the dispersion of incompatible chemicals. When copper ore enters the machine, it will float to the surface of the ore pulp after layer by layer processing, forming a layer of mineralized bubbles. Others are easily wetted by water, that is, mineral particles generally called hydrophilic do not adhere to the bubbles. , While staying in the slurry, the mineralized bubbles containing specific minerals are discharged, so as to achieve the purpose of beneficiation.

02 Copper ore magnetic separation method

Different copper ore should use different magnetic separation methods. Generally speaking, if the impurities in copper ore are mainly magnetic, then a copper ore tailings magnetic separator should be used for copper ore magnetic separation; if the impurities are mainly strong magnetic, permanent magnet drum magnetic separation should be used Machine to operate. The more times of magnetic separation, the finer the copper ore particle size, and the better the effect of removing impurities.

After the magnetic drum rotates, the copper ore is uniformly fed to the magnetic field area by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder. With the rotation of the magnetic drum, the magnetic substance is adsorbed on the surface of the drum. After the magnetic substance is brought to the Fei magnetic area along with the magnetic roller, it is unloaded. The non-magnetic and if the magnetic particles are different from each other because of the different magnetic force, so the ejection trajectory is also different. Through such a workflow, impurities are removed and copper ore is selected.

03 Mechanical separation of copper ore

This method uses the collision and friction of the crusher to remove impurities in the copper ore. Due to the low efficiency of this mechanical separation method, this method is rarely used at present. We usually choose flotation or magnetic separation.

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