Introduction To Jewelry Cnc Machining Process

CNC refers to the computer numerical control machine tool, using computer programming, the machine tool executes the prescribed action processing and production. In fact, CNC has long been widely used in various industries, such as: automobiles, machinery, mobile phones and so on.

It is an automatic machine tool controlled by a program. The control system can logically process the program specified by the control code or other symbolic instructions, and decode it through the computer, so that the machine tool can perform the specified action, and the blank can be processed into a semi-finished product part through tool cutting jewelry.

The advantage of the application of CNC technology in jewelry is that the pattern on the jewelry can be designed through computer programming and the CNC precise car pattern can be realized through precision machine tools, so that the jewelry has high fineness, good symmetry and stable quality. The inner curvature of the CNC makes the ring more comfortable to wear. The disadvantage is that the threshold of jewelry CNC machining equipment is relatively high, and the loss of gold materials in the production process of jewelry is also high. The retail price of finished jewelry is about 10-15% more expensive than the price of normal jewelry.

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