3 Most Dangerous Symptoms Of COVID19

The outbreak of novel coronavirus has also been enveloped in China. Many medical workers struggle to fight this outbreak.

It can be said that this epidemic is different from influenza and SARS. Its outstanding characteristics are: first, its transmission speed is very fast; second, its incubation period is long.

Because of the concealment of the new pneumonia, many people didn't find any abnormality at first. When they found it, they had passed it on to many people, and they were seriously ill.



It can be seen that timely detection, isolation and treatment are the most important means to deal with the new type of coronary pneumonia. In other words, time is very important for every suspected or confirmed patient


But how do we identify the symptoms of new coronavirus pneumonia?


3 Most Dangerous Symptoms Of COVID19


We can judge by these discomfort symptoms of the body:





If you have already contracted the new type of coronary pneumonia, a very common symptom is a general weakness.

There are many people who think that their lack of energy is caused by too tired work or irregular work and rest, but they don't think it is caused by the new type of coronary pneumonia.

Therefore, asthenia, as one of the symptoms to judge the new type of coronary pneumonia, is ignored by many people.

I remind you that if you have always had good physical fitness and feel energetic, but recently you suddenly feel very weak, you should attach great importance to it.

 3 Most Dangerous Symptoms Of COVID19



Because the novel coronavirus is transmitted through the respiratory tract, so its effect on the lung is most obvious. One of the most important criteria for judging whether you have new type of coronary pneumonia is to see if you have a bad breath and feel uncomfortable in your lungs.


Because dyspnea is a very important judgment basis, if there is a need for timely treatment, isolation.



 3 Most Dangerous Symptoms Of COVID19



Patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia often have symptoms of fever. But patients with low fever or middle fever are often seen in the clinic. Patients with high fever or high fever are also present, but according to the data, only a small proportion.



Many people mistakenly believe that fever is the only symptom of the new type of coronary pneumonia, while cough, fatigue and even diarrhea, vomiting are not considered.


This is not the case.

The cunning of the new coronavirus is that it can cause a variety of discomfort in patients, even if patients do not have discomfort, it becomes a source of infection, that is to say, there is no gold

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