A dust mask that can be reused

In general, the replaceable half face mask can only be replaced through DAO filter cotton and face mask accessories.It is beneficial to reduce the cost of respiratory protection.Now many OF KN100 level dust masks are reusable masks.Good protective effect, economical to use.Can effectively prevent pneumoconiosis.

Due to the wide variety of masks on the market, not all masks can effectively protect against ultrafine dust. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a dust mask scientifically in order to effectively avoid dust, haze, welding smoke and other injuries.

1. Dust respirators must be certified by GB2626-2006.

2. The mask material is silica gel, Plastic, etc. The silica gel material is relatively soft and comfortable, with low pressure sensation.

3, dust mask (can be: dust, smoke, fog, microorganisms) protection level KN100, KN95 and KN90 three grades, high dust, ultra-fine dust and haze extraordinary, it is recommended to choose KN95/KN100 grade.

4. Masks shall be divided into sizes according to national standards and purchased according to the wearer's head shape.

5. There are two kinds of masks: covering the mouth and nose, and covering the mouth and nose, and mandible. The second contact mask has large size, good tightness and low pressure feeling.

6. Choose ones with low respiratory resistance.Respirators with high respiratory resistance are likely to cause damage to the diaphragm.

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