Advantage Of Cotton Face Mask With Filter

Advantage Of Cotton Face Mask with Filter

The full-cover masks is made of 100% premium cotton. The inside of the fabric is fluffy and delicate, which significantly increases the filtering properties. Soft and breathable

This earloop face masks features with washable, reusable and durable, making them more practical than disposable masks. It’s also a good ornament and fashionable item

The Adjustable stretchy earloop can be adjusted to fit all sizes, preventing leaving trace on your face after taking off. The designed Flexible wire nose band can help to protect your glasses from fogging. The built-in Insert sleeve for the use of disposable PM2.5 filter (sold separately, ASIN: B08C7S3WY2)

ideal for women, men; suitable for all kinds of outdoor sports (cycling, camping, running, travel, climbing and daily use.)

Advantage Of Cotton Face Mask With Filter

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