Advantage Of DIY The Silicone Cylindrical Cake Mold

Advantage Of DIY The silicone Cylindrical Cake Mold

Enhance hands-on ability: you just mix the ingredients and pour them into the mold, then form diamond heart and cylindrical mousse, making DIY simple and funny to help bakers create interesting pastry, then release them by simply knocking the molds with the wood hammer, use the hammer to decorate your cakes, improve your children's hand-eye coordination, manipulative ability, flexibility and arm movement ability, good toys for toddlers, teens, boys and girls as birthday or festival gifts

Make delicious snacks: our diamond heart fondant molds and round chocolate molds could assist you to create different delicious desserts, suitable for making cakes, cookies, ice creams, yogurt, breads, mousses, jellies, prepared foods, chocolates, gum paste, fondant and more desserts, also available for making soaps, wax, resin, candles and more beauty products, meaningful gift to your lover, friend on birthday, baby shower, Valentine's day, wedding, holiday

Advantage Of DIY The Silicone Cylindrical Cake Mold

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