Advantages For Silicone Washing Gloves

Advantages for silicone Washing Gloves

1. Anti-slip

Hands are indispensable for washing dishes. When washing dishes in the past, when the hands with dishwashing liquid slipped accidentally, it made a crisp sound at the slightest, and the dishes bloomed and shattered to the ground. It not only consumed cleaning energy, but also affected our mood. Multifunctional silicone washing gloves are a solid insurance for the dishes. Compared with human skin, the silicone material itself has a lot of friction. Hold the dishes tightly in your hands, so you don’t have to worry about "causing catastrophe." .

2. Easy to foam

The inside of the palm of the multifunctional silicone washing gloves are designed with a large soft thorn. Compared with a sponge, they have more air contact area. Compared with a rag, the same dishwashing liquid foams more and is very convenient to rub. With multi-functional silicone washing gloves, you can get a lot of foam by squeezing a small amount of dishwashing liquid, the cleaning power is enhanced, and the cost of dishwashing is saved, and energy is saved.

3. Various usages with cleaning

There are often long hair falling on the floor of the house, the pets you raised leave fluff on the sofa, and thick dust accumulates on the bookshelf… The spiny design on the inside of the silicone glove can lightly catch the subtle dirt. Get up", you can also clean tiles and pools. Combined with the easy foaming function, as long as you wear silicone washing gloves and wipe it, you can avoid layers of processes. You can also use these gloves to clean fruits and vegetables. The sludge remaining in the roots can be wiped gently to clean it.

Advantages For Silicone Washing Gloves

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