Advantages Of Disinfection Bracelet

[Fashion perfect] – this travel disinfection bracelet can be refilled with any brand of hand sanitizer. The most powerful idea is that this disinfectant bracelet can easily match your fashion accessories. It's really valuable.

[Easy to use] – the disinfection bracelet is attached to the wrist or clamped to the bag, and the innovative design ensures that the liquid will not flow out until it is squeezed. Touch – just use the supplied reusable bottle and bottle cap, and hand wash or gel into the hand sanitizer bracelet.

[Safe and clean anytime and anywhere] – Our disinfection bracelet is suitable for outdoor sports travel. Outdoor sports, going to the market, going to school, or going to the movies, yoga, running, etc.. Protect your child from illness at school and other places, using their favorite design with our colored jelly packing silica gel empty carrier.

[Suitable for children and adults] – Bracelet design adjustable shoulder strap, suitable for boys and girls, men and women. Children can use it to go back to school, vacation, shop, work and go out. You can have one in your car, in your office, at home, anywhere you go. This disinfection bracelet can be refilled repeatedly.

[Multi functional use] – silicone material, washable, durable, suitable for loose liquid and liquid gel, silicone refillable wrist strap not only can fill hand washing liquid, but also can fill sunscreen cream, the cream clip hangs on the bag or belt ring hangs the key chain. Just one click, you can make everything clean and tidy! If you have any need, please contact our customer service department.

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Advantages Of Disinfection Bracelet

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