Advantages Of Paper Soap

It's easy to wash your hands: this disposable paper soap is designed to replace the bulky hand washing bottle at home. Travel suit with the same function as hand sanitizer. Clean bacteria in time and keep it clean!

Lightweight: this paper soap comes with an ultra lightweight carrying case. It weighs only 11 grams and goes into your pocket or purse and doesn't notice it. This mini soap box contains 20 pieces to meet your daily hand washing needs.

Ready to use: keep clean! Hand washing is essential in today's different occasions. Our portable paper soap provides everything you need to clean your hands, body or face. Suitable for travel, camping, hiking or any outdoor and indoor activities.

Gentle on skin: This antibacterial travel paper soap is easy to melt and add a small amount of water together. It is low irritation, skin friendly and provides a good fragrance. Quickly remove bacteria and stains from your hands.

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Advantages Of Paper Soap

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